Summer intensive- FOr Melbourne Polytechnic Students

Monday 30th January - Friday 10th February (10:00am-12:00pm)

I learnt more in two weeks than the last two years. Thank you.
Summer Intensive - Melbourne Polytechnic Students

This intensive holiday program run by Lucas Michailidis will consist of a daily two hour session (10:00am -12:00pm) across a two-week period (20 hours of content), commencing in late January.  

The program would supplement the present technical workshop and provide an opportunity to explore the material more deeply - focusing on practical application through improvisation and composition. Given student’s heavy workload throughout the year, an intensive period of guided tuition, practice and group work would provide an excellent fast tracking of student’s learning. As it would be programmed during the holiday period, students can consolidate material at home without the burden of the semester work load.

The program has the potential to give Melbourne Polytechnic students a leading edge.

Topics include: Technique, Aural, rhythm, Composition, improvisation and maintaining good body use. 

This workshop kicked my butt. My ability to navigate harmony has close to doubled. Material to practice for the next couple of decades…
I feel like I took a lot from these past two weeks, not just in regard to material/playing but the whole philosophy towards practicing creatively and finding new possibilities through reframing our own thought process/approach.
The Summer Intensive provided great scope to consolidate a wide range of materials in a short period of time. It was inspiring and fast tracked areas of development for me as a guitarist.